In a gripping interview with CBS reporter Amanda Balionis, golf star Rory McIlroy shocked the golf world with a heartbreaking confession.

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McIlroy fought back tears as he admitted he’s struggled with prescription painkiller addiction his whole life, saying he’s been taking them since he was a teenager and relied on them to help him cope with the intense physical and mental demands of professional golf. In a scathing interview, Mickelson suggested tour executives had lost touch with the needs and desires of players and that their refusal to have a meaningful dialogue with LIV Golf had done irreparable damage to the sport.
“Is there a need for a merger?” Probably not” – Phil Mickelson has harsh words for the PGA Tour amid LIV turmoil.

“Do we need a merger? Probably not” – Phil Mickelson has harsh words for the PGA Tour amid LIV turmoil.
Six-time major champion Phil Mickelson will debut in the LIV golf league in 2022 and officially announced his move in 2023. But the High Flyers GC captain hasn’t played in every major PGA Tour event this season.

Bloomberg TV host Haslinda Amin recently spoke with Phil Mickelson. Amid the ongoing battle and negotiations between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, Mickelson offered a passionate take on the issue:
“We may use social networks, but we want to help promote the game. And that’s starting to change now, or it’s changing on the PGA Tour, so this is a very positive sign for all of us. Therefore, the competition offered by the two circuits stimulates both circuits. And is a merger really necessary? Probably not. (0:40 – 0:57)

Since the LIV Golf League launched in 2022, several major PGA Tour players have left the league to join it. The split created animosity between players on both tours and has since created a rift not only between competitors but also among fans. Phil Mickelson has said there is no need for the tours to merge unless there is animosity in both environments. The 45-time PGA Tour winner, who has opposed the PGA Tour in the past, had this to say about the merger: “I have to let go of everything. I have to let go of all the experiences I’ve had in the past that weren’t positive, I have to let go of any animosity. We’re all working together to make the game better.” (1:02 – 1:26)

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