Larry secrets “I was thinking about him when I went to sleep” – Magic Johnson admitted he was scared to ….

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Rivals push each other to their best. Sometimes, they also push each other to sleeplessness. This was the case between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, whose insomnia kicked in the night before they faced each other.

It didn’t matter if it was the NBA Finals or a regular-season game. When the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics played each other during the 1980s, Bird and Johnson knew they had to be at their best.

Long, sleepless nights

In their joint interview with David Letterman, the Detroit native admitted to having long sleepless nights before facing Larry Legend. Magic couldn’t relax as he envisioned the Lakers’ plays and the Celtics’ counters. The Purple and Gold icon knew he must play a perfect game to beat Bird’s C’s.

“I knew Larry could beat me if I made mistakes, if we didn’t play our best game,” Magic said. “Larry made me have sleepless nights. He did. Because I was scared to death, I knew he could beat me. So that’s what a great player does to you that you have to up against. Not only was he great, the Celtics were great.”

“I wish the same way.. when he went to sleep, he was thinking about me because I was thinking about him when I went to sleep. That was for sure,” Johnson added.

It may have sounded funny, but the five-time NBA champion was speaking the truth. If he beat Larry and the Celtics, he knew they were the best team in the world.

It was as simple as that. However, the road to victory wasn’t easy. Paraphrasing Johnson, blinking once could cost them the game, and the Detroit native always had his guard up.

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